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Focusing on enhancing the quality of cable products

Author:Admin Release time:2014-06-14
Last year, AQSIQ organized national supervision, involving 18 791, 149 20 355 production batch, sample pass rate of 89.8%, an increase of 2.3 percentage points. AQSIQ Quality Supervision Division Mei Jianhua said the quality supervision system will be established this year, consumer warning system, in time to the community risk information. This is the reporter from the 23rd meeting of the national product quality supervision work conference learned.
Mei Jianhua introduced in 2013, AQSIQ sure the wires and cables, children's supplies, school stationery, motor gasoline and diesel fuel, forest products, fertilizers, water-saving products, construction waterproofing membrane, eight categories of products, as quality supervision system to carry out quality enhance the action of key products, and health and safety for the 148 class relationships of daily consumer goods, affecting the national economy and an important industrial products, consumers are generally concerned about the hot products, organize and conduct product quality supervision and spot checks.
This year, AQSIQ will develop national supervision process work norms, improve substandard turnaround situations announcement review mechanism, increase supervision subsequent processing capabilities. Also studied the development of product quality and safety risk monitoring work guidance and monitoring risk management practices, strengthen risk monitoring normative.
Gould cable products developed by the company have been taken into account a variety of cable safety, quality of various factors, I believe that music German companies to enter the market have cable terrific.