Breathable Membrane F-140

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Nestor building is the professional manufacturer of waterproof breathable membrane in China. Our breathable membranes are 3 layers thermal lamination. They have excellent performance at water resistance, vapor permeability and 100% recyclable, which mainly used in construction as roof underlay and house wrap. Create a breathable construction and make your building more comfortable.

Product features

Compared with traditional waterproof materials


A.Product raw materials
The organic polymer material is the main material and it also contains breathable particles. This kind of polymer material is a mature environmental material.
Currently, the polymer material has been widely used in the construction industry, health care, electronics, industrial and sports and other areas, and it is of great strength, good toughness, wear-resistance, cold-resistance, oil-resistance, water-resistance, anti-aging and other features that plastic materials could not compare. Meanwhile it also has many excellent features such as good performance of moisture permeability , wind-resistance, anti-bacteria, keeping warm, anti-UV and energy-release, and many excellent features.

B.Operating principle
In the state of vapor, the water molecules are very small and can penetrate the membrane based on the principle of capillary movement. When the vapour condenses to water, the volume will become larger and the water molecules can not penetrate smoothly to the other side of the membrane due to the tension of water surface so that the film has the vapor-permeable and waterproof function.

PLAYFLY breather waterproof membrane lays the exterior of the insulation layer so as to block the invasion of wind and rain on buildings, keep the insulation dry and reduce the air convection as well as the loss of heat effectively. It could help to provide unique breathability while strengthening air tightness and water tightness of the building, which lets the moisture of the inside envelope out quickly and avoids the damage of water condensation to protect the buildings and enhance the energy-saving efficiency of the building envelope. It is the ideal protective layer material of the buildings.

C.Manufacturing process

1.This production line adopts the flow sandwich layer drench ReTie technology, doing ReTie compound for polymer breathable waterproof membrane and non-woven fabric or non-woven paper . The membrane from this technology is of excellent smoothness, uniform thickness, little gram deviation. Its high degree of automation equipment has the advantages of less production process, less energy consumption and lower cost;

2.Screw is using the special mixing function and high plasticizing capacity design, with a static mixer, to ensure plasticizing optimal , mixing the best. And the advanced production technology help to effectively eliminate the crystallization point;

3.Professional research and development of stress relieving device, can effectively eliminate the online flow of polymer film tensile and residual stress produced in the process of production, so as to solve the problem of thermal contraction of polymer;

4.Stretch forming part of the special cooling finalize the design, perfectly solves such problems as the sticky roller, stripping and so on;

5.Fabric auxiliary preheating system preheats online, making the lamination bonding between the polymer film and the auxiliary fabric better, and enhancing adhesiveness and anti stripping degree;

D. Product advantage
Windproof and waterproof, excellent breathability, durability, suitable for a variety of metal roofing, tile surfaces and facades, etc., Besides reducing energy consumption, improving thermal performance and building durability and prolonging the life of the building, it is also:

More environmental—— Raw materials is environmental, and produce no pollution in the production process.

More energy-saving——Less production process and lower power consumption.

More technical——we adopt the flow sandwich layer drench ReTie technology and use high degree of automation equipment and more advanced production technology.

More innovative——Our membrane is of high flatness, uniform thickness, little gram deviation. And the waterproof breathable characteristics is more outstanding, which is hard to find in the market , and has good performance of heat preservation and heat insulation.